Coin and Chronicles Sets

Over the years, the United States Mint has offered several different Coin and Chronicles Sets which bring together coins with pertinent historical information and materials. These special numismatic products have often proven popular in the year of release and achieved quick sell outs.

The first set was issued in 2005 as part of the Chief Justice John Marshall commemorative coin program. The set was created through the joint effort of the US Mint and the Supreme Court Historical Society and included an intaglio print and booklet on the life of Chief Justice Marshall.

The following year, the Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles Set incorporated even more materials. In addition to a silver dollar, there were newly released USPS postage stamps, a reproduction of Franklin’s famous almanac, and an intaglio print.

Perhaps the most popular offering for the product type was released in 2009 and featured Abraham Lincoln. These sets included the four different 2009 Lincoln Cents, the commemorative silver dollar, a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address, and a reproduction of a photograph of Lincoln.

Most recently, the US Mint has offered the Coin and Chronicles Set corresponding to certain releases of the Presidential $1 Coin Program. The first two sets featured Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Four sets issued in 2015 honored Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. The four most recent sets included exclusive coins with a reverse proof finish.